“Organic forms surround our heads. Sprawling ceaselessly the leaves touch one another and the stems surround our bodies like silk. The moisture trickles down from the edges of the corridor and the light should catch your breath. They design this room. Each leaf and thorn a product of their hands. Spilling through they come some with grace others pulling at the shadows of this earth. Hear their steps their bodies move as they wonder UMBRA is the shadows movement. As the earth reaches an entire eclipse the hollow darkness is only the lights residue. Or perhaps it’s a resting place, a womb. The blackbird steals the seeds beneath your feet and the tiles break as you move.”

UMBRA is a collaborative project with artist Alex Brunt in the frame of the Expanded Studio Project 2019


Palm House, Botanical Gardens of Belfast 20/22. 09. 2019

2019, 8x1.30x2m, horticultural fleece and structure, installation

Directors: Inés García & Alex Brunt
Photography and video: Simon Mills
With the support of Arts Council England, Belfast City Council and Etxepare Basque Institute